Payment and ICEPAY Information

We deliver goods to countries worldwide, but a payment trough a credit card , is restricted to a number of countries. All prices in FIS Aviation Support' webshop are quoted in Euro's.

Contrary to some other countries (e.g. USA) all prices shown include the local Dutch (consumer/BTW) taxes, comparable with what other countries name VAT,TVA, Mw St etc. So, the price shown is what you pay.

1. Credit Card

We accept different creditcards for orders from residents within the European Union, Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand. Norway, Switzerland and the U.S.A. , unless otherwise agreed. We accept Visa, MasterCard as credit card without any surcharges.Each card transaction is fully secured. The card details submitted when you place an order through our internet site are encrypted by SSL through our payment service provider Icepay.

2. PayPal

If you have PayPal account you can use it to buy securly products in our webshop. No extra costs are calculated

3. Bank

ING Bank N.V.: We accept orders worldwide.

If you wish to pay your order through a bank transfer, payment to our bank account is possible. But the costs of a bank transfer costs are at the expense of you. Please, mark this statement on your bank form and we have no problems.

All necessary details to complete your bank transfer are stated in the order-confirmation. Please, do not forget to fill out the IBAN and BIC code in your payment instructions!. These bank codes are stated in the order confirmation you will receive just minutes after you putted your order.

Please do not forget your ordernumber!

Return/refund period is 14 days at any time (unless it is custom made) without any questions!

Online payments on this website are safely processed by ICEPAY

ICEPAY BV / Stichting Escrow ICEPAY – Information for consumers

It is possible that the online payment you did, is processed by Payment Service Provider ICEPAY. In this case, you will find the name ICEPAY BV or Stichting Escrow ICEPAY at the statement of your bank account. This means that ICEPAY BV is only responsible for the handling of your online payment. ICEPAY does not have any influence on the delivery your ordered products or services.

ICEPAY BV is a Payment Service Provider (PSP). As a PSP ICEPAY gives merchants the opportunity to offer several online payment methods, such as iDEAL, creditcard and PayPal, in their webshop. This way, you as a consumer, can pay your online purchases at these webshops easily and within a safe and sound payment environment.

You can find the answer to frequently asked questions about your order and payment